2016-08-09 ¦ The ReFlex website is online

Our project website is online. This project has received funding in the framework of the joint programming initiative ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus, with support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The ReFlex project aims to develop a replicability concept and guidelines for the deployment of technologically feasible, market based and user friendly solutions for smart grids with a high level of flexibility. A lack of knowledge about drivers and transfer methods from a smart grid pilot or demonstration project to another location has been identified by the Grid+ project, given the differences in technological constellations, national and regional market conditions and social acceptance.

The focus will be on grids with expectedly high level of renewable energy production which shall be effectively and efficiently used locally through a mix of measures in voltage regulation, demand side management and storage.

ReFlex is based on evolving smart grid pilots from four the large demo-regions (Salzburg, Gotland, Hyllie and Stockholm Royal Seaport) and of five smaller demo-regions with less than 15,000 inhabitants (Güssing, Hartberg, Biel-Benken, Rolle and Wüstenrot) from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

Drawing on the learning experience among ReFlex partners, replicability-guidelinies are elaborated to support the demo regions and the wider group of European smart grid stakeholders in deploying and advancing their smart grid initiatives. As a cross-cutting activity within the ERA-Net, ReFlex contributes to the Knowledge Communities.