CoP Meeting Wüstenrot


CoP Meeting Wüstenrot
Mon, 13. March 2017 - Wed, 15. March 2017
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1st Communities of Practice (COP) Workshop 13 -15/03/2017

This event will bring together project partners, stakeholders and experts of the 8 Smart Grid demo sites participating in the project. Some great ideas and outputs have already been developed in the past months. Your contribution is crucial to the project progress and success. We therefore ask for and require your fullest constructive co-operation and active participation.

Objectives of the workshop

·        Present the objectives and first results and get feedback from the ReFlex community
·        Learn from the field testing experiments carried out in Wüstenrot and from the other ReFlex community partners
·        Identify and discuss cross-cutting issues (marketplace, stakeholders, and technology) encountered in the 8 demo regions
·        Agree on replication and upscaling issues to be addressed by the project

Short presentation of the demo site Wüstenrot

By 2020, the community Wüstenrot wants to cover its energy needs through the utilization of renewable energy sources, such as biomass, solar energy, wind power and geothermal energy, within the town area of 3000 hectares. In order to elaborate a practicable scheme for realizing this idea in a "real" community and to develop a roadmap for implementation, the project “EnVisaGe” was initiated.

Demonstration projects are:

a) a plus-energy district connected to a low exergy grid for heating and cooling.

PV and heat pumps, thermal and electrical storage will be integrated in an intelligent smart load management system. This system optimizes the self-consumption of locally generated PV electricity, but also enables electricity grid based load management via a virtual power plant.

b) a biomass district heating grid with integrated solar thermal plants.

The potential for using wind power, biomass and geothermal energy within the community’s boundaries was analyzed as well and different scenarios calculated for their development. In order to achieve grid stability when extending volatile sustainable energy generation, the grid infrastructure was analyzed.

Workshop Start & End

From Monday 13th March 2:30 pm to Wednesday 15th March 1 pm.

Workshop Venue & Travel

The COP workshop will take place at Evangelische Tagungsstätte Löwenstein (ETL)
Address: Altenhau 57, D-74245 Löwenstein-Reisach, Germany      
GPS-coordinates: - 49.109796, 9.404714