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Sustainable solutions for distributed energy systems that encompass both grid-infrastructures AND “social grids"

During the visit of the demo site Güssing from 22nd-23rd of March 2018, the mayor Vinzenz Knor, the managing director of Güssing centre for renewable energy, Joachim Hacker, as well as the managing director of Elektro-Güssing GmbH, Martin Zloklikovits, emphasised the great importance of energy topics for the development of the region in order to stop the outflow of young people from rural to urban areas. The abundance of natural resources such as forests and meadows was an advantage for the development of biomass and biogas power plants for the production of energy, heat and bio-fuel for cars.

Bernard Deutsch, mayor of Strem, is providing information about the biogas plant 

The second Community of Practice workshop, organized in the framework of the EU-funded Project ReFlex, took place from the 18th to 20th of October 2017 in Malmö in Sweden. This event brought together up to 25 participants: Swedish, German, Austrian and Swiss project partners, stakeholders and experts of the seven running demo sites participating in the ReFlex project.


The site visit of Salzburg took place from 26 to 27 of June 2017. On the first day, the participants from the ReFlex project went to Köstendorf by electric car, a small village in the district of Salzburg, to learn from the experiments carried out in the frame of the Smart Grid community Köstendorf. The detailed discussions continued during dinner. On the second day, a workshop was held at the headquarters of Salzburg Netz GmbH, the regional multi-utility system operator for the city and the district of Salzburg. The objectives of the workshop were to present first results of the ReFlex project and get insights from experts on Smart Grid and Smart Energy projects as well as identifying topics of interests for the next Community of Practice (COP) workshop that will be held in October 2017 in Malmö.